Sports Medicine

EP 168: Marathon Training by Athletico; High Altitude Climbing; Treadmill vs Outdoor Running

Interview with Karen Shanahan, Facility Manager at Athletico, about marathon training and injury. Karen emphasizes the importance in taking breaks in training especially when a suspected injury presents symptoms. One day off does not hurt! She shares some tips for the time leading up to the marathon and what runners should do in order to prepare their body, mind, and stamina.

Steve and Dr. Cole also discuss how to prepare for hiking and climbing at high altitudes. Dr. Cole mentions how Mark Smiley aided in his training, and that it is highly recommended to have a professional teach you how to prepare for your first time up a mountain. Visit to learn more about guided mountain trips.

Ask the Doctor segment: Dr. Cole answers questions from listeners about the differences between running on a treadmill and outdoor, what underwater treadmills assist with, and the kinds of activity those with osteoporosis should undergo.

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