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At Home Cardio Workout For Men Over 50 (EPIC WORKOUT!)

At Home Cardio Workout For Men Over 50.

I am going to give you an at home cardio workout that anyone can do, even if you are over 50. You don’t need a big space. This at home workout for men over 50 is going to be a circuit workout. Here are the exercises in this cardio workout: 50 Jump Ropes, 20 Mountain Climbers (on each leg), 20 Jumping Jacks, and 20 High Knees (on each leg). I encourage you to time yourself in circuit workouts because it gives you motivation to improve every time you do this. This at home cardio workout for men over 50 is great for everybody. We all might start at different fitness levels, just keep motivated doing this workout.

There is no rest between the exercises in this circuit. After you do a circuit, rest for one minute then start the circuit again. Anytime you are doing resistance training or exercising, I recommend taking 10 minutes to stretch and warm-up. It is okay to slow down during this workout, if you need to rest that is okay. Your goal should be to improve each time you do this at home cardio workout for men over 50.

This workout is intense! No matter what fitness level you are at, stay motivated because this is tough for anyone. What is great about this workout is because it is high intensity, you are going to be burning calories even when you are done working out. Stick with it and never give up on yourself.

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