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🍲 Pre-Workout Meal + 💪 Chest Workout with Santi & Pastor Pump | Eat & Train

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IFBB Pro, Santi Aragon and trainer, Carlos Rodriguez, walk us through one of Santi’s chest and tricep routines. For this workout, they will be taking us through 9 different exercises that focus adding mass to the chest and tri’s, without aggerating a minor injury in Santi’s shoulder. If you are looking to get Gerber Gassed, try out this workout and let us know what you think!


Exercise 1 / Decline Cable Fly
Exercise 2 / Smith Machine Incline Press
Exercise 3 / Incline Fly Press
Exercise 4 / Machine Pec Dec
Exercise 5 / Decline Hammer Press
Exercise 6 / Tricep Rope Pushdown
Exercise 7 / Close Grip Dumbbell Press
Exercise 8 / Incline Dumbbell Skull Crushers
Exercise 9 / Machine Overhead Tricep Extension

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