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Full Day of Eating 3500 Calories | Best Pre Workout Meal for Muscle Gain…

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Yo everyone, welcome back to another video!
So, today I went for something a little different and due to the demand from you guys, I decided to do a high calorie full day of eating – so perfect for anyone bulking/looking to gain weight/build muscle etc. So, I set myself a calorie goal of 3500 calorie and a protein goal of 250g. And as I explain in the video, I don’t need 250g protein per day to maximise muscle growth (and not many do) but I do enjoy high protein foods and the higher my calories get, my protein levels subsequently rise too.
So, in this video I make some high calorie recipes and I start the day of eating off with some a sacred bit of Irish cuisine which is the breakfast roll. This baby is packed with your typical breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, sausages etc and it comes to 727 calories, 58g protein, 74g carbs and 19g fat. No better way to start the day and if my bulking calories were 3500 per day, this would definitely be a regular.
Next up, I move onto another high protein high calorie meal for lunch and I opt for a Spanish style rice dish with chorizo (extremely high in calories) and prawns. Not quite as nice as paella but really easy to make and a very handy way to get calories in. This comes to 899 calories, 54g protein, 101g carbs and 24g fat.
For dinner, I make myself a chicken & pasta dish (wouldn’t be a bulking video without chicken & pasta) but I do make it a little more interesting by adding some creamy sauce, some veg, some cheese and putting it in the oven – so more of a creamy & cheesy pasta bake. 900 calories, 81g protein, 96g carbs and 19g fat.
And I end the day with nothing other than a huge bowl of porridge. No matter whether I’m cutting or bulking, porridge is an integral part of my diet and when on higher calories, it’s easy to include some high calorie foods to bump up the calories of this meal. Dark chocolate is a perfect example of a high calorie food. In total, this meal contains 677 calories, 48g protein, 77g carbs and 17g fat.
And throughout the video, I also chat about the best pre workout meal and post workout meal for muscle gain. So, I go into the detail on the amount of carbs, fats and protein you should be having pre workout and post workout and the things that people generally tend to over exaggerate the importance of e.g. carbs and fats post workout.
So, I hope you enjoy and whether you’re looking for high calories meals to gain weight, high protein high calorie recipes or the best pre workout meal for muscle gain etc, I hope you take some inspiration from the video!
Full Day of Eating 3500 Calories | Best Pre Workout Meal for Muscle Gain…
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