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I Did Zac Efron’s Diet & Workout + his EPIC CHEAT MEAL

I tried zac efron’s diet & training he did for Baywatch, plus his cheat meal
Go to today to get 20% off your new favorite phone case! After watching the documentary Down to Earth I went on a deep dive into Zac Efron’s diet & training, which brought me to his Baywatch days. I thought for fun (I dunno why I think that’s fun lol) to try his insane no carb, no fun, diet that got his lean and shredded for baywatch. Plus the workout he did for baywatch…. but with an at-home workout spin. ENJOY!

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Hi I’m Keltie a former college basketball player turned Youtuber. Now traveling around Canada & the world, taking you guys around with me! Everyday trying to become a better person through my 30 day to 6 months challenges. From trying new forms of fitness, testing different nutrition trends, or diving into the world of famous celebrities & athletes.

NOTE: I am not a Registered Dietician, all advice is my own personal Experince. If you have any specific questions regarding your own diet & nutrition I HIGHLY recommend speaking to a registered dictation
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