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What To Eat Before Your Workout In The Morning: Quick Guide For Men

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** What To Eat Before Your Workout In The Morning: Quick Guide For Men **

As a part of our Fit Father for Life and FF30X memberships, we allow guys to write in questions about anything regarding their weight loss journey. And to give them as much support as possible, we create these short video answers to clear things up.

In this installment, one of the program members asked:

What should I be eating before my early morning workout? Do I need to eat breakfast? What if I don’t have time to prep a meal? What kind of shake can I whip up quickly as a meal replacement? What about intermittent fasting instead?

Watch this short video for some answers!

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Your friends here at the FFP,

-Dr. Balduzzi + The Men’s Health Experts @ The Fit Father Project

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