Ragnar Sunset | What You Need to Know About the Newest Relay

What the heck is a Ragnar Sunset? Are we just starting our relay at night to prolong time in the darkness??

Nope, exactly the opposite in fact. We’re going to start and try to finish before sunset!

No vans.
No trying to coordinate 12 runners.
No overnight sleeping on a gym floor.

While all of that is part of what makes Ragnar Relays such an adventure, this new Sunset format is an incredible way to spend a day with friends or dip your toes in to the world or relays. I cannot wait to do Sunset Ragnar Salt Lake in August!!Ragnar Sunset

Ragnar Sunset Basics

Let’s breakdown the basics of a Ragnar Sunset:

  • Teams of 4 (or an ultra team of 2)
  • 26 miles total (roughly, like all Ragnar miles it’s give or take a little)
  • Base camp is where everyone hangs out the entire time (except during your turn to run)
  • Each runner will run the loop 1 time (about 6.5 miles)
  • Your mission is to finish before the sun sets and the party cranks up

Yup, it’s that simple and THAT FUN. I mean the non-stop runner party at base camp is going to be it’s own brand of EPIC.

FOOD TRUCKS! LIVE MUSIC!! and of course a bunch of people who love running as much as you do. Can you tell, I’m just a tad excited to go do this in Salt Lake?!!

No decorating vans, no driving through the night, no worrying if you lose one of your 12…again all still things that make me love my Colorado Ragnar experiences, but basically it’s WAY EASIER.Sunset Ragnar

Ragnar Sunset Locations

Most of the Ragnar Sunset courses will be on trails or crushed gravel paths and not on the road. They take advantage of some stunning scenery in parks across the country.

Right now here are the 2020 Sunset Ragnar Locations:

  • Miami, FL (I LOVED doing the Miami to Key West, but this is so cool too!)
  • Winter Park, Colorado
  • Santa Clarita, California
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Salt Lake City, Utah (COME join me here!!)

Checkout all the current Ragnar Sunset events and get registered!!! BONUS points if you signed up for any of my book tour locations because I’m sending you a $40 Ragnar discount code!

I’ll be updating this post as I get more questions from you throughout the coming months and after I have a chance to experience it for myself! Honestly, I think this is such a brilliant new addition to their races because so many of you have told me you REALLY want to do one, but the logistics of doing it the first time made you nervous.

I believe once you experience the single day even, it will whet your appetite to take it to the next level with their full 200 mile relay. Then again, maybe it will just give you another excuse for a racecation to some of the other beautiful locations!

What questions do you have about Ragnar Relay events?

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